Filmy है

You display emotions and you bound to hear from someone that you are filmy, you are in drama, have flare for theatrics. This cannot be chicken and egg question. Men created movie and drama. We are not filmy, movies are humane.
This time, think before we pass comment on someone trying to express themselves. Let’s not dishearten them by comparing their emotions to just one of the outlets i.e. movies. I am going to sing, dance, have lenghty dialogues and all I will be, is human, not filmy.


Only battle worth to be fought is battle with yourself,  for Change.

social pressure

When I was young, I was in all girls institute, separated from the real world

That time I was me, real me. I was not a girl, I was a person.

Like every good thing comes to end, my education ended there

I was out in the real world, I made some friends, I was happy until I realized

What the world and friends had done to me.

First time in my twenties, I was thinking, what men like, how should I behave, what should I wear

I was reading Cosmopolitan magazine, I was obsessed with body image perfection

I had it bad, I was hurt that I am not god gift to men

Then I came to know what social pressure is

Now I am in thirties, I am trying to be a person again

It’s hard to get all the social judgments against women out of my mind

I wish I had it earlier in my twenties

do not know if I can conquer this world.

but I have promised myself to try.