social pressure

When I was young, I was in all girls institute, separated from the real world

That time I was me, real me. I was not a girl, I was a person.

Like every good thing comes to end, my education ended there

I was out in the real world, I made some friends, I was happy until I realized

What the world and friends had done to me.

First time in my twenties, I was thinking, what men like, how should I behave, what should I wear

I was reading Cosmopolitan magazine, I was obsessed with body image perfection

I had it bad, I was hurt that I am not god gift to men

Then I came to know what social pressure is

Now I am in thirties, I am trying to be a person again

It’s hard to get all the social judgments against women out of my mind

I wish I had it earlier in my twenties

do not know if I can conquer this world.

but I have promised myself to try.


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